December 2014- Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) now recognizing Acupuncturists in Nova Scotia under Program of Choice (POC) 12 – Related Health


Services, effective June 1, 2014.


If you or your members have any questions or to become a Registered Provider for VAC, please contact the Blue Cross provider inquiry line toll-free at 1-888-261-4033.


Once registered, you will receive a provider information manual and will be able to bill on behalf of VAC clients using the following guidelines:


Benefit Code 344501

Description – Acupuncturist Visit


Pre-authorization Required: TAC (Group ‘A’ clients only)



Prescriber: MD


Frequency: 15 / CY


Dollar Limit: $75 initial / $60 subsequent


Providers will be reimbursed their usual and customary charges up to a maximum of th  edollar limit indicated above.




  • CY Calendar year
  • MD Medical Doctor
  • TAC Treatment Authorization Centre

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