Eastern meets Western – Stress Management / Healthy Living AGM


Chinese Traditional Medicine meets with Western Medicine (Eastern meets Western—Stress Management / Healthy Living)

2、Time: 2017 Nov 5, 2017-Sunday from 10:30 – 4:30pm

3、Location: The Canadian Acupuncture College

Highlights include

*****Light lunch will be provided to current members over lunch AGM meeting

***Free Acupuncture Treatments from Students of the Acupuncture College

****Free Qi-ging session

Guest speakers include;

1、CMAAC leader Dr. Zhang Jing Da

2、Dr. Li- President -Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Association of Canada (NS Chapter)

3、Dr. Chen-Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Association of Canada (NS Chapter)

…..more speakers to be announced!

Attendee List :

1、NS Chapter of CMAAC (all members)

2、Acupuncturists from Atlantic Canada

3、The public

***6 credit hours will be issued for continued education hours for members ($15 for certificate).
—- Students receive an annual membership for only $5 by attending full event

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