Dear Members,


It’s been a long time that I have not written to you. Now I think it is about the time to keep you in touch. CMAAC is going to have a meeting with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncture of Ontario (CTCMPAO). The agenda of the meeting would be the title of “Dr.”, the language proficiency for Non-English speaking members and the proportion of public members and TCM members in CTCMPAO.


Many of you may not know the full history of CMAAC. CMAAC was established in 1983 and its objective are to lobby for the regulation of TCM and Acupuncture in order to protect the safety of general public, and to promote our healing art. Of course, the “Dr.” title is one of our main mandates. It was in 1977, I obtained my license from the state of California. At that time, my wife and I were planning to move to California. The true reasons that made us to stay in Canada are as follows: (1) Canada is a better country for my children’s upbringing; (2) the challenge of achieving the recognition of the profession of TCM and acupuncture which had been treated unfairly and unjustly by the Ministry of Health. We fought so many years to lobby for the regulation. Finally, with our unity of all our members and many sacrifices, we were able to achieve regulation successfully in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Newfoundland and etc. This is a very important historical milestone of our profession.



I am asking you to treasure our achievement, to continue support your mother organization (CMAAC), because our mandates are unfinished and we have to continually promote our healing arts for the benefits of mankind.


Thank you for your attention.






Prof. Cedric K T Cheung


President of CMAAC



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