June 29, 2016


Dear Members,


CMAAC-NS 2nd annual AGM was a huge success!!

Our conference was pleased to welcome Gola Taraschi-Carr, Director & Facilitator of the Atlantic Restorative Company. Her presentation on the health of relationships and how this impacts the health of the individual was very informative. She also talked about how restorative communication in our personal lives has a direct impact on our health – both individual and social. This presentation was very enlightening and all those in attendance were thrilled with her performance.


We made some positive headway at the AGM regarding our petition to revenue Canada regarding adding Acupuncture to the list of claimable health care modalities.


Our budget from last year was discussed and approved by the attendees.


We have also opened up some board positions to new and existing members, and hope to get some new voices and perspective to the board.


CMAAC-NS has also been working on for the past couple months on ways to offer new opportunities for Continuing education courses here at the local level. Starting in September we will hold a bi monthly “case study night”. This will be an excellent opportunity to not only gain CEU Courses but also to collaborate with other members to discuss difficult cases, common conditions seen in our practices, as well as to network with other members and bring our association closer together as a group.


We are also in the process of developing other continuing education courses, including a physical assessment course, an introduction to anatomical Acupuncture class, as well as a cosmetic Acupuncture course, to name a few.


With graduation time upon us we have been working on some new incentives for new grads to join out association, and have gained some new members already.


We are also getting ready to do some updates to the website so please check back regularly for information on CEUs, national Acupuncture news and local involvement in other TCM related topics.


We are always putting out a call to our members for suggestions. If any one has specialities that you would like to share in the form of a CEU course, workshop or anything of that nature please send us an email and we will be more than happy to help you to market it and contribute in any ways possible!!


Our hopes are to strengthen our members’ knowledge and foster positive relationships within the Acupuncture community. We hope you will join us in promoting this goal.





CMAAC-NS Board of Directors


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